About us

About us

The gradual development of Grupo Numar dates back to the early 30s, when the United Fruit Company moved to the South Pacific and started replacing banana crops with African palm crops, cocoa, teak reforestation, livestock implementation, and the basic grains marketing.

With the farms closure, The Cía. Bananera de Costa Rica promoted the oil palm cultivation in the country and became the main supplier of genetic material (oil palm seed) for crops in Latin America.

 Simultaneously, Richard Johnson an American who resided in Costa Rica, founded the Numar American Brand Company in 1951, headquartered in Barrio Lujan. The name came from its first product, Nutritious Margarine. Time went by and 8 years later, they purchased a property in Barrio Cuba and established the production plant called Numar Company in there.

The establishment and development of palm plantations, eliminated the import of raw materials from Malaysia, for the production of shortenings and other products. Back then, the Garrido y Llovera Oil Factory was operating in the country and they were leaders in the field. At the same time they competed with products like Mirasol Margarine from the Unilever Company and Nova / Blue Bonnet from the Panamerican Standart Brand. Gradually, Numar gained the consumers preference with the margarine and got consolidated in the market, promoted the diversification of fats and vegetable oils, highlighting the Clover shortening and Clover oil; as well as the manufacture of supplies for the food and soap industry.

Numar expanded its scope to export its products to countries in Central America, due to the opening of the Central American Common Market. Thus, Clover and Numar were consolidated as premium brands within the region.

In 1965 the United Fruit Co. acquired the Numar Company and founded the  Grupo Numar in Costa Rica; integrating several companies related to the cultivation, extraction, processing and manufacturing of fats and vegetable oils.

In 1995, the Grupo Numar was bought by a group of Costa Rican and foreigner investors with a wide experience in the production of fats and oils. The new shareholders initiated an aggressive plan of African palm cultivation and oil palm exportation outside Central America.

Currently, the Grupo Numar is constituted by four companies.