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  • Palm kernel meal

    Palm kernel meal

    By-product obtained from the mechanical pressing process of the oil palm kernel. The solid material of this physical separation is dried and packaged, to provide a nutritious ingredient for concentrates formulation.


    • In bulk and sacks 46kg


    • Animal feed: Special to be used as an ingredient for beef cattle balanced food formulas. It can be used to a lesser extent in pigs and poultry feeding formulas.


    • Palm Kernel Meal.


    Humidity (%): 10.00 máx.
    Crude protein (%): 13.00 mín.
    Ethereal extract (%): 6.00 mín.
    Ashes (%): 5.00 máx.
    Crude fiber (%): 25.00 máx.
    Calcium (%): 0.25 mín. - 0.40 máx.
    Phosphor (%): 0.50 mín.
    Metabolizable energy (kcal/kg): Aves: 1500 mín.
    Digestible energy (kcal/kg): Bovinos: 3000 mín; Cerdos: 2300 mín.


    *Shelf Life: 9 months from the date of manufacture. Stored in clean, cool and ventilated places.