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  • D'orofrit 5

    D'orofrit5 17L

    Liquid fraction derived from the fractioning process of the physically refined and deodorized palm oil. . For its origin is 100% vegetable and does not contain trans-fat or cholesterol.


    • Jug: 17 liters


    • Institutional: It is especially designed for the frying process, has excellent oxidation stability which extends the life of the oil in the fryer. Its sensory qualities are highly stable, therefore it enhances the food flavor extraordinarily. It creates a tasty, crispy crust on the fried products.


    • Physically refined and deodorized palm olein and T.B.H.Q. 0.02% max. as an antioxidant.


    Total Acidity (%) --------
    Free fatty acids (%) 0.055 máx.
    Peroxide index (meq/kg) 2.0 máx.
    Humidity content (%) 0.10 máx.
    Oil content (%) 99.9
    Salt content (%) --------
    Antioxidant T.B.H.Q (mg/L) 200 máx.
    Lovibond Coulor (5 1/4 inches) 40.0 A - 4.5 R máx.
    Melting point (°C) 16.0 + 2.0
    Iodine index (cg/g) 56.00 + 2.0
    Saturated fatty acids (%) 44.0
    Monounsaturated fatty acids (%) 44.5
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids (%) 11.5
    Trans-fatty acids (%) Free of trans-fatty acids
    Energy (kcal/serving 14 g) 130


    *Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture. Stored in clean, cool and ventilated places.