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  • Maxpan

    Maxpan Clover 25kg

    Multipurpose shortening, prepared based on a mixture of refined and deodorized palm oil and its fractions. For its origin is 100% vegetable and does not contain trans-fat or cholesterol.


    • Box (bulk):  25 kg


    • Institutional: It is an ideal shortening for a great variety of applications: cooking, frying, preparing bakery products. It is perfect for those who prefer to have only one option for all the processes. It has a neutral flavor that enhances the taste of food and extends its shelf life.


    • Aceite de palma desodorizado y refinado físicamente, T.B.H.Q. al 0.02% máx. como antioxidante.


    Total acidity (%) --------
    Free fatty acids (%) 0.050 máx.
    Peroxide index (meq/kg) 1.0 máx.
    Humidity content (%)  0.10 máx.
    Oil content (%) 99.9
    Salt content (%) --------
    Antioxidant T.B.H.Q (mg/L)  200 máx.
    Lovibond Coulor (5 1/4 in.) 40 A - 6.0 R máx.
    Melting point (°C) 43.0 + 1.0
    Iodine index (cg/g) 49.50 + 1.0
    Saturated fatty acids (%) 53.5
    Monounsaturated fatty acids (%) 39.4
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids (%) 7.1
    Trans-fatty acids (%) 1.0 máx.
    Energy (kcal / serving 14g) 130


    *Shelf Life: 9 months from the date of manufacture. Stored in clean, cool and ventilated places.