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Super Star


  • Super Star Margarine

    Super Star Margarine

    This margarine is used for making savory products such as biscuits, braided bread and seasoned bread. It consist of an emulsion of physically refined vegetable oils, to which they have added dyes, dairy solids, emulsifiers, flavorings and preservatives. For its origin is 100% vegetable and contains no trans-fat or cholesterol.


    • Box (bulk): 25 kg


    • Institutional: This margarine is ideal to enhance the flavor of savory bakery products. Also, it naturally enhances the color, aroma and texture of the products. It is designed to easily integrate into the dough with the rest of the ingredients, getting a more homogeneous dough in less time. It is widely used in the production of biscuits.


    • Refined vegetable oil (TBHQ maximum 0.02% as an antioxidant), water, salt, mono and diglycerides as emulsifiers, vitamins ("A" 35000 IU / kg, "D" 1000 IU / kg), beta carotene as a natural dye and provitamin "A ", sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate maximum 0.01% as preservatives.


    Total acidity (%) 1,5 máx.
    Free fatty acids (%) --------
    Peroxide index (meq/kg) 2.0 máx.
    Humidity content (%) 18,50 máx.
    Oil content (%) 80,00 +/- 1,00
    Salt content (%) 2,1 +/- 0,2
    Antioxidant T.B.H.Q (mg/L) --------
    Lovibond Coulor (5 1/4 in.)  --------
    Melting point (°C) --------
    Iodine index (cg/g) --------
    Saturated fatty acids (%) 64.3
    Monounsaturated fatty acids (%) 28.6
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids (%) 7.1
    Trans-fatty acids (%) Libre de ácidos grasos trans
    Energy (kcal / serving 14g) 100


    *Shelf life: 5 months from date of manufacture.