Seed production and processing


Seed Production in the field

Compact Seeds and Clones has a research farm in Coto 45, South Pacific Region of Costa Rica, where it has gardens of outstanding dura mother palms and pisiferas that are used to produce ASD brand seeds. An important part of the farm is used to house progeny testing experiments and valuable collections of oil palm germplasm from many different origins. ASD oil palm seeds are produced in the field following international protocols, which have been improved over many years of own experience. Such protocols allow us to guarantee the highest genetic purity (99.9% of tenera purity) of our seeds, which is periodically verified through evaluations of the fruit quality in the plantations.

Seed germination facilities

Compact Seeds & Clones S.A. (CSC) has a modern facility in Coto 49, Costa Rica, where seeds produced in the field are processed, germinated, and packaged for shipment to customers.

Such facility has new machines specially designed to separate the fruits from the bunch and remove the mesocarp from the seeds. Likewise, automated seed counters are used that allow greater efficiency and accuracy. The seeds are handled in rigid containers that allow a better germination and quality of these, and therefore a better use in the process.

Germination process

The procedures used by CSC are based on scientific research results and more than 50 years of experience. Therefore, it allows excellent germination to be achieved in a tidy and highly clean environment, which guarantees excellent physical quality of ASD Costa RicaTM seeds.

The information generated in the different process steps is directly fed into a database by reading bar codes and specially programmed mobile devices, which minimizes errors and allows high efficiency. CSC distinguishes ASD varieties by coating the seeds with polymers of different attractive colors and ships them to its customers in a novel and modern packaging, which guarantees that the germinated seeds arrive fresh and unscathed to any destination around the world.

ASD Costa RicaTM germinated oil palm seeds are always accompanied by a certificate issued by the State Phytosanitary Service, which guarantees that the product is free of diseases and pests. In addition, they are certified by the National Seed Bureau of Costa Rica, an autonomous state organization that monitors the production, germination, and packaging procedures of seeds in the country.

Thanks to the great diversity of genetic resources, CSC has managed to develop 11 varieties for different environments and needs.